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You've worked hard to grow your crop. VRS keeps it safe.


  • All rooms are locked and video-monitored within a larger, locked and secured warehouse.

  • Points of entry are equipped with motion alarms.

  • When accompanied by a VRS manager, customers may access their stored crop during regular business hours.


VRS can help preserve the value of your crop between the harvest and the sale.​


  • Are you holding a sales contract with a lab, or waiting for market prices to improve?

  • Maintain the potency of your hemp crop, don't leave it to chance.

  • VRS hemp cold storage "locks in" the value of your crop for as little as $0.10/LB. per month*

*(250 lbs. of biomass ➗ $25​)


Low humidity cold storage is an affordable and critical quality control measure.


  • Research shows that cannabinoids and terpenes degrade in warm or fluctuating temperatures.

  • Low relative humidity stabilizes moisture levels, dramatically reducing the risk of mold or mycotoxins.

  • Hemp buyers, brokers, and processors are more confident in the quality and integrity of a crop stored under these conditions.


With 16 years of crop storage experience, VRS is helping hemp farmers grow.


  • You can trust VRS to professionally manage your product inventory.

  • Arrange to have samples or special orders fulfilled from our facility.

  • Arrange for trucking from your farm or from VRS to nearby destinations.

  • Meet with potential buyers during business hours. 


Contact us today and let VRS help you put together a customized hemp storage plan.

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